Thursday, October 27, 2016

Trump or Clinton???

They both suck!! Thats my answer!!

Still thinking about this... not sure who is best. Why does America have to chose between these two people??

Well I will update shortly.... its been a while and people asked me where I was.... I am here... just living the crazy dream of life!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Its been a few years and many changes. I am back now online in this blog as I am back living in Japan full time. March and April have been the craziest months of my life.

I spent the last couple of months getting ready to move. I had to come to Tsukuba to find a house. Then Andrew was leaving on his mission the same time. So he is in Kyoto now for 2 years. While getting him ready I had to get ready. Crazy crazy crazy!!

So I moved back to Japan last month. However I had to return back to the US to take care of some things. So I returned back here last week and now here permanently.

So for my friends below is a quick catch up of my life this past year or so.

Andrew played tennis and became Utah State Champion 2 years in a row!! His level is very high and he is a very powerful player.

Andrew then graduated from high school.

After he graduated we went to Paris to see the French Open. We saw the finals and it was awesome as usual. This pic was just before the womens finals started.

We then went to Germany and rented a car and spent 4 days riding the romantic road. It was really nice. I also got to see some dear friends who moved to Germany.

Of course in the Summer its time to get in my motorhome and go camping. I like to go to Jackson Hole Wyoming and also Moab. I pull my jeep behind my motorhome. This is best way to travel and camp!!

I like to play so the last few summers basically included hiking, concerts, travel, and anything else thats fun..

Andrew and I hiked top of Timpanogous mountain together on his 18th Birthday!!
American Football!! At the Denver Broncos Game.

Then this past winter I was on the ski patrol again. I had to help this guy off the lift.

And now I am back in Japan.... Here is my new house and car I bought.

Its a small house compared to Utah of coarse. But I have too many now. I will still return to Utah once in a while for business and play and can stay in my house there. Also I will go to Hokkaido maybe 2 times a year and stay there. So really kind of crazy. But I am happy and being in all these places is what I like to do.

So keep in touch and check back. I will try to update. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Coming Soon!!

Its been such a long time!!!! But I am coming back.

Moving back to Japan on 3/28. This time moving to Tsukuba!! I miss Nagoya but at least Tsukuba is quiet and clean and close enough to Tokyo to get into trouble!!

So I am putting my blog back up at request of family and friends!!!

Check back soon and I will have an update. This week is crazy packing and getting ready to move again..... See you soon!


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Fun Times....

Well well well..... its been a fun month. I have played a little more than I should have. But its been a good month. I went to the Grand Canyon a couple of weeks ago. It was incredible!! Its been about 13 years since I was there. 13 years doesn't seem like a long time ago..... why?? I had a great time!! We took some pics below. Check them out.

When we first got to the Grand Canyon it was late and completely dark. We set up the camera and let the shutter stay open to catch the scene at night. I was able to get the light and you can see also the stars. You can see the "Big Dipper" if you take a look.

After the next morning I went back and took some pictures. I played with my wide and fish eye lens.... I guess they are ok pictures... But anyway beautiful area!!

After the Grand Canyon, I went to Monument Valley and also to my favorite place Moab.

The drive was so long and the road so straight. My GPS said the road was straight and the next turn in the road wasn't for 117 miles.... wow!!

Have you seen the movie "Forest Gump"? If so, then you have seen this famous road. There were a few Chinese tourists who stopped and were talking pictures also...

Next of coarse is my favorite.... here is Moab..

After a few days on the road... it was back to Salt Lake... More to come!!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Back in Nagoya.

Well  I am back in Nagoya this and next week. It is always good to be back in Japan. But it's busy. Too much work in the day and too much drinking at night. Still at least I can eat some good food while here.

I was surprised at how hot Nagoya still is. I have been sweating all day. Utah became cold lately. It even snowed in the mountains last week. So a little ciolder tha. Nagoya.

So this wee it's work. I will play in Tokyo on the weekend and then next week more work.
Then I return home to Utah. After that I am going to the Grand Canyon with some friends from Japan who are coming over. Should be a great trip. I haven't been there for I guess about 11 years....... Actually that time was a great trip I will never forget. I don't want to go this time because of the feelings I have about last time. But I will go and I think it will be fun but a little difficult for me too.... I always wish I could go back in time and make things right..... I hate regrets.... Anyway.... It will be a nice road trip anyway....

The Marriott in Nagoya just above the station will be my home for the next 2 weeks. I am on the 33rd floor. A great view as usual.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Well well well...... its been what 6 months?? No excuse. Sorry to friends and family... I have been lazy. Busy but lazy.... Today I finally taking the day off. Well really I am just working from home. But while I work... its a great time to catch up on the past 6 months of my life... So.... the best way to catch up is by some pictures... Here is what I have been doing... April: MOAB BABY!!! April = Moab. My favorite place on earth. I take my Jeep and go play. This year was one of the best years ever. We had a great group and the weather was perfect!! I didn't break my Jeep either so bonus!! Here is a video below. Can you see my Jeep?? Hint... its light green!!! (Not a good hint because all my Jeeps are green... but maybe you can quickly see a light green jeep..) Another place I love is Hokkaido!! I travel to Japan all the time now. But I don't always get a chance to "go home". I consider Hokkaido my home. I did make a quick trip back in April for a drive. I ended up in Hakodate.... I didn't take many pictures but took this one on a beautiful day!!)
May: I went camping and fishing in May with some of my family. I didn't catch any fish but my Nephew did. Thanks to him I could eat some nice trout. His dog really wanted to eat too.
BeeBee my dog wasn't impressed with my fishing skill...
Here is how my day was......
After that I was basically gone all of June to Japan / China. But when I got back to Utah I made another trip. This time to Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. I love that area too and BeeBee loves to play in the lake. At night the stars are bright and I tried to take a picture of these and some fireworks I saw...
Anyway.... there is a lot more. I can post better next time and will try to keep on top. This years summer has been just too hot. Its difficult to sleep its so hot... So I am ready for fall. GOOD NEWS!!! Collage Football Season started last night. My Utah Utes won their first game and it was a great game. Professional starts next week!!! Now Autumn is getting close and the Ski season is almost here. This year I am back on the ski patrol. So I will be skiing every week patrolling the mountain. I have been taking my medical classes again since January and almost done. My final tests are next month... wish me luck!!! Well talk to you later but I promise it won't be another 6 months!!!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Its been a while....

Well its been a long time. Thats because I have been doing more and more traveling... kind of crazy.

I have been in Japan and spent some time in Tsukuba. Now I am in Nagoya. The weather is beaufitul and I realized today I really miss living here. But I am enjoying my life in the states right now also.

Anyway, here is a picture I just took from my room at the Marriott Hotel right above Nagoya train station. This is where I stay when I am not living here....

So its always nice staying here and last night was crazy for me in Sakae. I went to a live house bar where a live band was playing music. I did drinking and dancing until 4am.... Yes I did dancing too!! It was pretty fun but now I am completely dead.... so eventhough its only 8pm I am getting ready for bed.

Tomorrow I am going to China, Shanghai.... so I will be there for a few days and finally back to Utah... I am actually looking forward to getting back to my dog...